JP van Oosten

Enhancing existing workflows with AI

Jan 17, 2023

A robot cranking a widget Have you ever wondered how to add AI to an existing workflow? It’s no easy task, but the good news is that it can be done in small steps! Here are some ideas:

✅ Add a semantic search engine 🔍
A semantic search engine indexes your knowledge base and makes text (and images and audio) searchable, without relying on strict keyword matching.

✅ Add analytics 📊
Analyse the parts you’ve automated. If you’ve implemented a semantic search engine for example, you can add analytics for what people are searching for and what they are clicking on. This gives relevant insights into what you can automate next!

✅ Figure out the “interface” 🤝
When figuring out how to automate the next step, consider the “interface”. Not just the visual UI, but how does this step fit in to the workflow, what are the users actually trying to do? Make sure the barrier to entry is as low as possible.

✅ Be transparent 🪟
Automation and AI can be daunting for people not used to working with these technologies, or they may be worried they’ll lose their jobs. Consider their goals and improve their workflows to remove friction or repetition, or to add more fun.

✅ Don’t try to automate the entire workflow in one go 🚫
If you make a big-bang changes to the process, you’re likely to miss some crucial nuances. Go at it small step by small step, monitor what works and what doesn’t and go from there.

✅ Know how you’re measuring improvement 📈
Don’t just set high-level metrics like throughput or revenue — these are most often lag-measures. Figure out the lead measures, which might be quantitative as well as qualitative (“How much do I enjoy this step in the process?”).

🚀 Ready to add AI to your workflow? Let’s get started!

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